۝ Telegram Channels

۩ Iqra' Broadcast Service - https://t.me/kitabiqra

۩ Dr. Farhat Hashmi Broadcast Service- https://t.me/drfarhathashmi

۩ Dr. Israr Ahmed Broadcast Service- https://t.me/israrahmed

۩ Novel Broadcast Service - https://t.me/islaminovel

۩ Quran Broadcast Service - https://t.me/romanquran


۞ Telegram App Links : 

Android : https://goo.gl/pQR7Sc

 iOS : https://goo.gl/8iKjeU


۝ WhatsApp Broadcasts

۩ Quran Broadcast Service - https://goo.gl/aAadPf

۩ Iqra' Broadcast Service -  https://goo.gl/J8SusY

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۩ Iqra' broadcast service - Under this, the members will receive Islamic Articles on different topics in Roman Urdu including audios, videos and links.

۩ Dr. Farhat Hashmi Broadcast Service - Under this, the members will receive Audios and videos of Dr. Farhath Hashmi.

۩ Quran Broadcast Service - Under this service the members will recieve Quran's Translation in Roman Urdu and Quranic related other services.

۩ Dr. Israr Ahmed Broadcast Service -Under this, the members will receive short clips of Dr. Israr Ahmed r.h.

۩ Novel Broadcast ServiceUnder this, the members will receive lessons from Islamic Novels.